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Salman-Arjun will come together to forget friendship-hostile / talki, along with the Guru-Chela will be formed in the sequel of 'No Entry'!

Salman-Arjun will come together to forget friendship-hostile / talki, along with the Guru-Chela will be formed in the sequel of 'No Entry'!

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Bollywood Desk Like politics, friendship and hostility in Bollywood are not endless. Here also the equations of relationships change according to time and status. Salman and Shah Rukh have become friends now till a few years ago, the alleged enemies of each other. Now another case of Salman's patch-up is seen in front. It is heard that with the release of director Boney Kapoor's son Arjun Kapoor, their cold-wired ice is now breaking. Soon Salman and Arjun can look to work together in a project.

Patch up with Sequel of 'No Entry'

- Patchup of Salman Khan and Arjun Kapoor is possible with the sequel of the super hit film 'No Entry' which took place fourteen years ago. There are reports that Arjun and Salman can work together on this project of Boney Kapoor. The sources associated with the film said that the shooting of the film could start from the end of the year or the first month of the new year. Arjun Kapoor can be cast in the character of 'No Entry' which was played by Fardeen Khan. With Anil Kapoor, both of them can be seen in the role of Guru-Chela in the film. It would be interesting to see how Arjun and Salman will forget about Talki and share his screen when he sees his bonding.

Why increased distance in both?

- Arjun first dated Salman's younger sister Arpita. After some time, I got a backup from Arpita.
- In an online show, Arpita has been labeled rude and obscene jokes.

 - Come to Salman's house and come home and meet the family, made friends with Arbaaz and then got closer to his wife Malaika Arora.
- Some time away from Malaika on Salman's Warning, but after their divorce,both are togather.
- Salman regards Arjun as responsible for Arbaaz-Malaika's divorce. This relationship is the reason for distance.

How was the relationship between these two

- When Arjun was overweight, Salman set the goal of weight loss for him.
 -He told Arjun about working on physics and gave training in his underwear.
- Actively given weighty tips.
- Teach tricks to get movies in Bollywood
-At this time, Arjun used to call Salman as his brother.

On some occasions, it is clear that

- On the marriage of Sonam Kapoor, Salman met Bonnie, but not seen on Arjun.
- As soon as Salman came to the Golden Petal Award Show, Arjun saw him running in front of everyone and ran out of the backstage and did not come out till Salman.
In the shoot of Big Boss Finale, Arjun also considered better than not meeting Salman and finished his scene and immediately got out of the set.

Freak showed up

- There were recent reports that Salman had banned Arjun and Bonnie from coming to his house.
- Salman had pulled his hands back from Bonni's two projects.

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